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Below are our programs
Home Based Care

The GENDEMI home provides the girls with protection, food, shelter, clothing, medical support, mentoring and love.  The staff serve as guardians for the girls, taking on parental roles of personal attention, individual direction and training in life skills.


The girls receive counseling, career guidance and emotional support through loving care.  This important program addresses the inner wounds, wounds of the heart, caused by personal trauma. It promotes healing and emotional stability among those girls who are hurting because of abuse, neglect, and abandonment.

Spiritual Nurture

In the GENDEMI home these young people learn to know Christ and God's plan for their lives through home group fellowship, Bible study, Church involvement, and attending Christian camps.


Through this program, we engage individuals and churches to meet the needs for the tuition and scholastic materials for the children and young people in primary, secondary schools, vocational training and university. In this program, we promote education for each girl by working among the girls. 

Customized training

We impart social, business, entrepreneurship and life skills among the girls in order to build their independent thinking to promote self reliance. We identify training relevant to their needs.

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We identify and choose an appropriate and reputable volunteer parent from our church congregations to personally mentor the girls. Our mentorship program enables our girls be spiritually and morally strengthened and to have confidence, resilience, and a strong sense of life focus that will enable them to stand up to negative forces in life. The program promotes increased academic performances, among the girls in primary, secondary and Universities. The mentors listen to the girls with the aim of helping them to identify social problems, verbalizing the challenges and needs and work with the girls to find solutions.