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Would you like to make an investment that would pay off in the life of a young person who, without your help, would be entirely without hope of a happy, productive future? There are different ways you can make a difference in the lives of these young people through GENDEMI

Educate a Girl
Send a Girl to Camp

GENDEMI girls attend a church camp or conference at the end of every year to encourage their spiritual growth, give them an opportunity for exhilarating fun and activity with other students of their age group, and provide the chance to develop friendships with other young people in the Christian community. Studies have shown Christian camp attendance to be very effective in preparing students to build a relationship with God that lasts a lifetime.


By making a one-time gift of $55 you will provide the camp fee and transportation cost for one girl to gain the benefit of attending camp.

We currently have girls in primary (Elementary), secondary, vocational and university schools at different grades and levels. Our girls attend different schools where they, achieve academic goals, receive training in life skills, and are helped toward spiritual growth.

Sponsoring a girl is a personal way to show God’s love to that girl by meeting her basic needs. Sponsoring a girl by becoming her prayer partner will make a big difference to her personally. And, for $70 a month, you'll help that girl stand tall in class and access education.

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Support Our Home School
Sponsor a Skill

After three years of experience running a home school for some of our sponsored girls. We now run our own school in our home.

Kindergarten and Primary 1 (P1) classes (Grade 1) are now taught at the “GENDEMI Elementary School and Kindergarten.”

Our school currently enrolls children from parents who are able to pay.

This helps to pay the teacher’s salary and scholastic materials. 

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Some of our girls are involved in Website development in order to gain skills, knowledge and expertise. Click, subscribe, read and comment on their sites. By doing this, you are supporting them. The Visit these links:(soon coming)

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Support a Staff Member
Short term visits

Short term visits are welcome. you will make an impact by beaching a class, teaching piano, training a skill or a projects or praying with the girls.  

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Our staff team is made up of truly good people, qualified and dedicated to provide an excellent service. Each serves in dual capacity, not only in each’s title role but also as patient counselor and mentor to our young people. 


They require financial support to sustain their work with us. They also need to grow both personally and professionally through training and capacity building.

We remain well aware of the old adage: "A staff at risk = a child at risk'' 

You can help ensure that our young people are not “at risk” by providing partial support a staff member for $50 per month


How to Participate:

The transformation that has been achieved in the lives of the GENDEMI girls over the years would not have happened without the faithful support of our mission partners. Churches in the USA and Canada as well as individual donors have invested substantially in the mission and ministry. You and/or your group can help us reach out to more needy young girls by participating in the following ways:

  • Contribute financially toward maintenance of the GENDEMI home through your Church’s mission outreach program.

  • Household living expenses average $70 per month per girl. 

  • Pray for the girls individually and the ministry as a whole. James 5:16 

  • Come to Uganda to meet the girls and ministry staff on a short-term mission trip. 

  • Come help us conduct training seminars in your area of expertise on a short-term trip. 

  • Spread the news about GENDEMI’s mission and ministry with your personal contacts. 

  • Send a girl to camp for Christmas with your contribution of $55. 

  • Support a girl’s education by paying tuition and fees for a semester ($350) 

  • Provide a university scholarship for one girl ($1,500 per semester)

Please note:

Financial contributions can be tax deductible only if contributed through a charitable organization that is so recognized and accepted by the government in your country of residence.

Please contact us for a list of charitable organizations in your country that partner with GENDEMI.

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