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Phase Three 

From February 26th 

The preliminary works of phase three work began on 10th February immediately after the casting of the slab for the first floor.

The activity included watering the slab in order to ensure proper curing of the concrete. Fortunately, there was ongoing rains that occasionally poured heavily and contributed to the quick curing of the slab meaningfully. This continued up to 26th February. Making a total of 17 days.

Meanwhile acquisition of the materials of phase 3 was ongoing in preparations to begin with raising both external and internal walling. These materials needed for the commencement of raising up of the walls for phase 3 were onsite by 25th February.

More details

This far the Lord has brought us. We are at the verge of completing this phase. Phase three has taken us about 7 weeks since it was commenced on late February. The details of the progress of this phase are included on the report here on the pdf. 

Please download and read more from the pdf bellow. 

Setting up work for phase III

The slab had gone through a couple of weeks for curing. This day was a day to commence work by demarcating of rooms on the first floor according to the architectural plans while curing was ongoing

External and internal walling commences

External and internal walling of the first floor began from one section of the building and spread to the whole building. The number of workers were increased to drive the work with speed and profession. 

The entire building was driven so fast and was almost reaching the window level. The general height had surpassed the height of the hording fence of the site. The workers could enjoy seeing the view of the area from the first floor. 

Bringing the materials from the ground level had become so easy because of the existence of the ramp. That contributed to the swiftness of the work because there was seamless floor of materials. Before long,  the walling was above my height

Supplying materials was so flexible because of the use of the the ramp. It has keep the supplies seamless and contributed to the fast walling upwards. 

The dedication of the workers are amazing. They are neat, fast and to the standard. 

Beyond the shoulder height, the workers had to mount ladders. Before long, the ladders were erected and the walling were brought to the beam level

Amazingly 90 percent of the building is at the beam level and will be completely be a hundred percent by the end of the first week of March. 

Alongside the walling was the steel works. It involved procuring them, cutting, bending and installing the columns. Most of the workers are multi-skilled and are experienced in many fields of construction. No construction work would stall because of lack of skilled personnel. 

Feel free to go through our video clip for additional view of the structure so far. 

Most of the timber, furniture and form work for ground floor has been cleared in preparation for phase four work. The timber and boards from ground floor work and prepared for form work for Phase three ongoing work. 

All or workers now sleep on site since the beginning of Phase 3 work. They occupy the four ground floor rooms and security guards house for their accommodations. 

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