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Welcome to the site for the building construction progress for the Phase two to take about 6weeks. This phase was resumed on 15th November 2023 and was planned to be complete by December 17th factors remaining constant.    

The Tasks for this phase included the following, 

  1. Ground Floor Column Works

  2. Masonry Works. 

  3. Inside Staircase construction and finishes

  4. Outside ground floor ramp construction and finishes 

  5. Ring beams Constructions 

  6. Walling Floor ground-External

  7. Walling floor ground. Internal

  8. Conduit laying

  9. Reinforced Super structure

Phase II Building Progress Updates 

Part 1 - Nov 15th - Dec 17th.  


From the commencement of this phase we experience major delays due to the following. 

1. The downpour of the rains. During the first 10 days, there were rains almost everyday. This affected us in different ways. 

2.  Workers world stop working and wait for the rains to come down or to stop before they resumed work. 

3. The roads leading to the the sources for purchasing materials were slippery , congested and this made it complicated for the trucks supplying materials to either access materials or deliver to the site on a timely manner. 


4. The road leading to the site site were also slippery some times the trucks struggled reaching except with the helping hands of the workers on site.

5. On several occasions, the trucks offloaded the materials like sand, aggregates, blocks several meters away from the site and it would take several hours for workers to transport them in or or use them while directly transporting them from outside the site. 

Material Mobilization and labor force.

This phase began with the mobilization of the resources, tools, workers required for the tasks of the phase. Acquisition of the iron bars was one of the primary resources needed and it was one of the resources to be brought to the site The other materials included aggregates, sand , cement, concrete blocks among others to kick start the work. These took a couple of days to be gathered and through the works, more kept on being procured


  Internal and External walling
The works began with the demarcation of all the rooms according to the architectural plans. and also to create the stair cases spaces including  the ramp allocation . It further involved raising up all the walls both inside and outside ones to the beam level. 

Other works included the metal works for the staircases, the columns and the ramp. 

Phase II Part Video

Part 2 of phase two started after a December break that started on 17th December 2023 to 15th January 2024. This was period of 4 weeks break.  The work then resumed again on 10th of January and continued to 10th February 2024. This took a period of 4 weeks of work.

This marked the completion of phase two. This last part of the phase consisted of the form works that required  specialized skilled labor for carpentry work to suspend the boards up. there was also specialized steal works for the beams, staircase metal works, ramp metal works and the general metal works on the floor. 

This part also saw the laying of the maxipans of the floor. Its also included the laying of the conduits for the electricity, the security, the internet conduits . 

Laying the initial plumbing fixes  was also part of this section. It saw all the plumbing for the toilets  and washrooms, offices and sickbay set up

 Phase 2 Part II

January 10th - February 10th 2024

Reinforced Concrete Suspension

The reinforced  Concrete Suspension  was the climax of phase 2 work. In other works its the slab for the first floor. It took the work of two machines to work it out together with a heavy team of laborers. by 10nth of February the work was complete and the ongoing work is curing of the slab of a daily basis for 21 days in order to give it sufficient period to completely set up before any extra load is added to it. Work

Phase III

This phase will commence after 21 days from 10th of February 2024  

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