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1. Water Installation

Water has been installed to our site. The process was completed by end of February 2023. The water the work that will require use of water in the site will be successfully met. 

2. Electricity Installation

We have the electricity installations almost complete. All the poles and wiring are complete, and we are expecting electricity meter and connection as soon as our meter is secured.   

3. Ground levelling

We have had the slanting ground levelled by the use of the digger. the slopping gradient is now levelled and awaits the plan approval to be complete so that the excavation and foundations can commence

4. Hoading of the site

Hoarding of the site is complete. The site is secure from the trespassers and it has only one entrance. Whoever goes into the site must pass through the gate which is now under lock and key and you must be allowed in by a gate keeper who now is on site full time. 

5. Security house and storage faterials

We have the night guard house ready on site, we have also build the store house for the building materials ready. 

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