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Phase Updates


      August 25th -October 26th 2023


This phase construction of the building started on 25th August 2023 with the first phase. This first phase was meant to accomplish the substructure. 

The major tasks here included the excavations to reduce and get the construction level, the terrace excavations and the excavations of column bases and blinding them,.


It also involved walling the bases, hardcore stone hand packing, dump proof installations and its finishes.


It finally concluded the phase with the reinforced concrete works and the ground floor slab. 

Work took period of 3 months to be complete. 

November 16, 2023 - February 10, 2024

The second phase followed. This phase commences after about 3 weeks following the completion of the foundation.


It started on the 16th of November 2023. It involved accomplishing the following tasks. 

Raising all the walls of the ground floor. Erecting the beams and all the columns. It included conduit laying for the first fixes of electricity stair cases and rumps and finally the reinforced super structure.


This phase was completed on 10th February 2024. The building was finally above the ground by one floor. 

February 27th 2024-April 8th 2024


The second phase was followed with a third phase. This phase commenced on 27th February 2024. This was nearly 3 weeks after the completion of the second phase. 

This level was meant to achieve having done the following;

Raising all the walls for the first floor, making all the staircases and and ramps, establishing all the beams conduits for electricity laying and having the reinforced suspended first floor completed. 

This phase was complete by April 8th 2024. 


April 18th - June 25th 2024


It was now time for the 4th phase to commence. 19th April, The 4th phase commenced. The  phase is meant to run to  June 25th 2024. 

This phase is meant to cover the following tasks. 

All the walling for the second floor. all the beams staircases, ramps and reinforced, suspended floor,  Internal finishes for the ground and first floors and finally Doors and windows for the ground and first floors. 

Walling in progress

Ramp steel work construction

Foorm work, steel work for super structure

Max pans supplies to the top, laying and steel work for wet areas

Steel works for wet areas

Electrical installations, plumbing works and laying of BRCs 

Floor four casting suspended floor 

Curing of the floor ongoing

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