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The water installation works was completed by the end of February 2023. the water supply has been constant to the site since then. our security guard has used this service since his deployment. our workers on site currently use it for their need on site and it is now available for the ongoing construction work. 

The site is well lite with power. From end of March 2023 our site has had power. Our security guards house is wired  and well lite, he is able to charge his phone and keep in good communication with us and the stake holders. The power now is significant for the lighting of the whole site, to help with security. 

It also enables workers to work up to late in the night. We have had days when rains delays work during the day and when the sun was so scorching and the ground was too dry.  the workers would switch to start work as early as 4.00am and rest in the afternoon and pick it up late in the evening and work as late as they prefer because of light. 

the electricity is going to be helpful with running machines moving forward for construction. 

The fencing of the site is done all around. It is not possible for someone outside the fence to see what's going on inside. the passersby are also restricted from coming in including wild animals.


The iron sheet fence provides security and privacy. The security guard keeps record of those who enter into the site everyday and keeps the gate under lock and key all the time. 

Our site ground level was little sloppy, bushy and had a big tree . We hired a grader that took time to grade and levelled the ground. During the levelling  of the ground one of our planted trees during the ground breaking was brought down.


The big tree that was on site was also cut down and removed from site.  The heap of soil that was brought from the higher level of the ground was spread to the lower level. It is now well compacted and the ground eventually became uniform. 

Onsite we constructed a temporary security guard house. We also hired a security guard who keeps at site both day and night. We learnt our lessons 2 weeks after installation of the electricity before we hired the security, someone cut the iron sheet entered into the compound and made a way with about 20m of water pipe, 15m of the electricity pole wires, sacket-braker for the power and a sorted tools.

From that incident we decided to hire a full tike security personnel. 

Additionally, we built a store for the materials. The first storage we built, we discovered it was small and would not keep the anticipated amount of materials, we eventually brought it down and erected a larger one. We also relocated it from the original position to a different one to give more space for materials and the turning of trucks that bring materials, This move has also caused us to shift the entrance gate from the original location in order to to give a good turning room for the large trucks supplying materials to the site. 

In order to keep the site sanitation in good state, we have had to work on the site temporary latrine. We have decided to have it made a pit latrine in one of the canners of the compound. It will be made deep enough, sufficient to be turned out a permanent one eventually after all the construction is complete. This is on going in the first week of September

Phase One

The phase one started on 25th  of August 2023 and should run to end of October 2023. 

This phase will deal with the substructure of the building and cover up some preliminary works.

1. Setting up of the building

2. Excavation of the foundation strips

3. Excavation of the column bases

4. Mobilization and purchase of materials for foundation /substructure ongoing. Now on site include iron bars, BRC, aggregates,    

5. Protective gears for workers purchased, assorted tools brought

6. Rooms for accommodation of workers acquired and ready.

7.Setting up of security lights in all corners of the site complete plus additional wiring and installation of heavy duty sockets to support metal works. 

8. Demolition of first store and re-erection of a much larger store relocated to the upper side. 


9. A pit latrine dug  30feet deep to be used by workers during construction  and will eventually have a permanent finishing for permanent use.  

10. The Metal works have begun. 

11. The structural engineer has approved all the excavations and confirmed all the depths and sizes are as per the approved drawing and standard.

12. Metal works

13. Brick works

14. Bitumen painting

15. Brick works

16. Backfilling

Collumns establishments
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